About us

Hey I'm Mia!

My journey into the wedding world began in 2018 when a friend asked me to film their wedding. As someone that loves all things to do with love (I have seen every episode of First Dates) I was thrilled and leapt at the chance to do it. YES, I had the best time, capturing something that would live on, and could be remembered for a lifetime felt magical. Being surrounded by love and joy is the best THING EVER! I and my team now film weddings across the UK and we love what we do!

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Let's celebrate your love and create a film that feels like YOU!

We are a small team of UK wedding videographers based in London. We are all about capturing the love, fun, pure joy, and emotion of your day surrounded by the people who mean the most to you. We love to create joyful and natural films with HEART. Your wedding film will be uplifting and fun whilst also allowing space for authentic heartfelt moments.

With a focus on friends and family, we love capturing candid moments, the laughter, the tears and funny and the in-between moments. OH and YES of course the funky dance moves you hoped your aunt would leave at home. Why? Because these are the little moments that make your wedding day special to you.

Our working style

Using minimal equipment two of our videographers will authentically film your day as it unfolds. We aim to be discreet and do not overly pose, however, we do gently encourage some fun and relaxed shots together to let your personality shine!

We believe that you should be having the best day and we are simply there to capture the story of your day. Our documentary style allows us to capture you in all your awesomeness, allowing you to look back on a film that reflects the fabulous couple that you are.

Our goal is to create a wedding film that you'll watch for years to come and feel the same joy, excitement and heart-felt emotions you felt on your wedding day. We want you to think, "Damn we really did have such an awesome wedding day!" every time you hit play on your video.